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I was originally inspired to work on live edge wood after discovering old wide pine boards left behind in our 1930’s barn. My husband Tom, a skilled woodworker, pulled them from the dark basement, culling solid sections with beautiful natural curves. Over 10 years ago, the “Owl Series” was born of this discovery. Now, years later, I have chosen to return to this method of drawing on wood.
Tom and I visit local lumberyards where trees that have grown nearby have been felled and milled. We search through piles of maple, walnut, pine and cherry with the propitious combination of the artist’s and woodworker’s eyes. In my studio, after Tom shapes and sands the lumber, I can begin the process of becoming conversant with each piece.
The live edges that curve sensuously, the beautiful bark left intact and the lines of spalting, inspire a kind of dialogue with the wood. The sapwood, lighter in color, that has carried water and sap to the tree’s leaves and the strong central heartwood with its rich dark hues seem to speak a language of their own.
I begin the “conversation” by following the natural lines in the wood, making marks spontaneously and animating shapes that have captured my imagination. My hope is to reveal something mysterious that lives within each piece.
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